Noise is a major occupational hazard. Short term effects of noise exposure include difficulty in verbal communication, stress, temporary hearing loss, annoyance, and safety hazards. The primary long term effect of hearing loss is permanent hearing loss.

Audiometry is a branch of Audiology and the science of measuring hearing acuity for variations in sound intensity and pitch and for tonal purity, involving thresholds and differing frequencies.[1] Typically, audiometric tests determine a subject’s hearing levels with the help of an audiometer, but may also measure ability to discriminate between different sound intensities, recognize pitch, or distinguish speech from background noise. Acoustic reflex and otoacoustic emissions may also be measured. Results of audiometric tests are used to diagnose hearing loss or diseases of the ear, and often make use of an audiogram.


Testing your employees means you can protect them from industrial deafness and personal injury. Both short term and long term effects of noise exposure can be prevented by timely recognition, evaluation and control of noise exposure.

Our audiometry technicians are trained and certified within the regulations of Occupational Health and Safety Legislations to complete the following tests:

  • Baseline
  • Annual
  • Retest


One Stop Services, Ltd uses SMART TONE Automatic Audiometer (pictured to the right), an advanced, easy-to-use pure-tone threshold audiometer. The intelligent features and user-friendly controls of the SMART TONE streamline the testing process to efficiently collect hearing thresholds at seven frequencies.

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