Express Entry: what it means for potential candidates


Express Entry: what it means for potential candidates


Starting in January 2015, Express Entry will be your first step to immigrate to Canada permanently as a skilled worker. Express Entry is not a new immigration program; it is simply a way to electronically and effectively manage applications under the following key economic immigration programs: Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP), or Canadian Experience Class (CEC). Provinces and territories will also be able to recruit candidates from the Express Entry pool through their Provincial Nominee Programs to meet local labour market needs.


Here’s how it works:


•You will complete an online Express Entry profile. If you meet program criteria, you will be placed in a pool of candidates.


•To complete your online Express Entry profile, you will need to create a Job Seeker Account with Job Bank so you can view jobs from employers in Canada and begin applying to jobs. Job Bank is an electronic listing of jobs provided by employers from everywhere across Canada.


•You should also promote yourself to employers directly or through private sector job boards and recruiters or other means.


•We will rank all candidates in the pool based on the information entered into their Express Entry profile including skills, work experience, language ability, education and other factors that lead to economic success in Canada.


•We will only invite the highest-ranked candidates from the pool to apply for permanent residence. You are not guaranteed to be invited. Candidates with job offers supported by a Labour Market Impact Assessment or a provincial/territorial nomination will be awarded enough bonus points to be invited to apply at the next eligible draw of candidates. A Labour Market Impact Assessment allows employers to hire a qualified foreign national if they have been unable to find a qualified Canadian or permanent resident. Provinces and territories have access to the Express Entry pool and can select candidates through their Provincial Nominee Programs.


•Candidates who receive an Invitation to Apply will then be able to complete an electronic Application for Permanent Residence.


•Under Express Entry most applications for permanent residence will be processed within six months or less.  



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